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Once Upon A Time In Nashville

In “ONCE UPON A TIME IN NASHVILLE: THE DEATH OF HANK WILLIAMS” musician Don Helms recounts the death of Hank Williams. It is a short clip of a longer experimental documentary project that Frank Anderson is directing.


Everyone’s Summer Of ’95

(Music Video, IRON & WINE, 2015)

Celebrated singer-songwriter Iron & Wine has just released a new music video for “Everyone’s Summer Of ’95”, co-directed by September Clubber Erin Elders and featuring our friend David Dastmalchian (“Animals”). It’s an exclusive today on IndieWire.

For over a decade, the prolific Sam Beam has been releasing albums to great acclaim under the moniker Iron & Wine. Carving out a distinct niche, his music falls between indie and folk, but is not contained by the boxes of either genre. And fans of the musician have a lot to look forward to in 2015. In July, he’ll release his next full length, Sing Into Your Mouth, but on store shelves now is Archive Series Volume No. 1. As the title suggests, it’s a crate-digging affair by Beam, who has gone through unreleased home recordings and demos and made them available for the first time. And today we have the exclusive video premiere for “Everyone’s Summer Of ’95”.

Featuring David Dastmalchian, and directed by Erin Elders and Jeff Tomcho, the video is a moody piece set across one night, with a wrestling match at the centre. It pairs nicely with the more sombre shades of Iron & Wine’s song.

A Great Northern Production

Directed by Erin Elders & Jeff Tomcho

Starring David Dastmalchian (“Animals”)

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Mondo Lucha!

(Documentary Short, 2014)

MONDO LUCHA! is a colorful rogue’s gallery of High Flyin’ Lucha Libre wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts, an array of sideshow performers and Milwaukee musical guests that have included Maritime, The Uptown Savages, Kid Millions, Clownvis Presley and The Scarring Party. The brainchild of Andy Gorzalski and his partner in crime, Jay Gilkay.

Directed by Sam Macon
Edited by Alex Youngen

Before You

(Short Documentary, 2013)

A spirit of Malickian wonder permeates this poignant and lyrical tribute to the stories that parents pass onto their children. This is a very personal, poetic documentary.

Directed and edited by Michael Vollmann.

Before You from Michael T. Vollmann on Vimeo.

Enemy of the Stars

(Short Film, 2004)

Mock trailer for a non-existent french new wave film. Directed by Wrye Martin, filmed by Mike Welckle, edited by Barry Poltermann. Circa 2002-ish. We never did anything with this except use it for the reel. It’s stuck in our memory though!

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The Making of ASWANG

(“Making of” Featurette, 2003)

Our friends at Mondo Macabro made this half hour documentary for the DVD release of Aswang.

It seemed like the perfect solution to an unwanted pregnancy. Marry the heir to a wealthy estate, deceive his dying mother, give them the baby when it’s born. Things are never as easy as they seem . . . when your new family has a taste for the blood of the unborn. The Filipino legend of the Aswang is transplanted to the north woods of America in this stylish horror film. “A dedicated, chilling, horror film” – Sundance Film Festival “My kinda flick . . . Three Stars . . . Check it out” – Joe Bob Briggs “Conveys terror through nuance and detail as well as selective splatter moments. If you only see one mutant baby movie this year, we strongly suggest you opt for Aswang” – New York Daily News


What’s In Those Eyes

(Music Video, SPANIC BOYS, 1994)

This one goes way back to ’94 from the “Spanic Family Album”. All of the old footage is from original home movies.You can see Tom Spanic at 10 years old with his first electric guitar – a 1956 Blonde Stratocaster that he got for his birthday that year.

Director: Frank Anderson

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(Dramatic Feature, 1994, Premiere SUNDANCE)

On Friday, January 21, 1994 at the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Aswang premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in the Midnight Movie section. Shot on 16mm in the fall of 1992, it was a tongue in cheek cult horror film about a family of Filipino vampires who feed on the unborn.

After a swing through the midnight movie film festival circuit, Aswang was picked by Prism Pictures for a video relase. Prism cut it for an “R” rating and re-titled it The Unearthing. At the time of its release, Aswang was mostly ignored by mainstream critics, but was praised by cult critics such as Joe Bob Briggs and Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope, who wrote that “The Unearthing is an exercise in extreme claustrophobia and disorientation… the creepiest film I’ve seen since Guillermo Del Toro’s Cronos“. And our favorite quote came from the NY Daily News: “If you only see one mutant baby movie this year, we strongly suggest you opt for The Unearthing

By the early 2000’s, the otherwise largely forgotten Aswang had begun to garner a cult following. In 2003 British distributor Mondo Macabro released a ten-year anniversary DVD of Aswang uncut and under its original title. The reviews were good. Film Threat – which hadn’t noticed the movie upon it’s initial release — praised the uncut release as “completely loaded to the teeth with nerve-wracking suspense, an atmosphere of sheer dread, stomach turning gore and just a dash of black humor. Aswang is a very effective and nightmarish film that deserves far more attention than it has garnered over the past 11 years”.

By 2008 Aswang was featured in the Fangoria book “101 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen”, helping cement it’s stature as an obscure but enduring cinematic oddity.

A Purple Onion Production

Produced, Written & Directed by Wrye Martin & Barry Poltermann

Executive Producers Steve Farr, David Dahlman, Frank Anderson & John Biesack

Edited by Barry Poltermann

Story by Frank Anderson

21st Century Digital Boy

(Music Video, BAD RELIGION, 1991)

Shot by Wrye Martin on the 1991 European world tour of Bad Religion by Wrye Martin on an SVHS camera and a Bolex.

Edited by Barry Poltermann

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Strange World

(Music Video, THE SPANIC BOYS, 1991)

The first Spanic Boys video was done by Purple Onion in 1991, and made it to MTV and CMT. Matching ’59 Caddies, houses and dogs. Featuring Lori Minetti who later went on to become the Wisconsin Lottery Hostess and her twin sister Lisa. What can I say, it was the early 90’s!

Spanic Boys | Strange World from Purple Onion Inc. on Vimeo.

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(Music Video, THE MIDWESTERNERS, 1991)

Steve “Buck” Farr directed this music vid for our friends The Midwesterners. Chris Barry shot it. 16mm film. Bad flicker but it kind of adds to it. No Budget!!!

And here’s some “Behind-The-Scenes” footage.

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When I Belong To You

(Music Video, SIGRID, 1991)

Wow. Just Wow. John Biesack directed this piece we did for our friend Butch Vig (of GARBAGE and NIRVANA fame). The guys from GARBAGE produced it. John Waters has nothing on this one. Wrye Martin shot. Featuring the notorious Mr. Nude America, the late great Dick Bacon. Seriously.

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Dead Roo

(Music Video, COSMIC PSYCHOS, 1991)

Some say that Kurt Cobain’s favorite band was the Cosmic Psychos (he was often spotted wearing one of their tour shirts). Butch Vig produced this one and we shot it one drunken day. The guys from Mudhoney were hanging out on set. A fun, amazing day making an awesomely stupid video for an awesomely stupid song. 1991.

Cosmic Psychos | Dead Roo from Purple Onion Inc. on Vimeo.

And here’s some “Behind the Scenes” footage from the shoot:

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Viva Las Vegas

(Music Video, CALL ME BWANA, 1991)

The first music video we ever did. May, 1991.

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