Barry Poltermann (Creative Director/Founder)

Barry is a producer, director and editor, primarily working in documentary whose most recent project is editing the narrative feature Wildcat for director Ethan Hawke, which premiered at The 2023 Telluride Film Festival and starred Maya Hawke and Laura Linney. Prior to that, he edited the 6-part docu-series The Last Movie Stars for director Hawke… more »

Jeremy Coon

Jeremy Coon (Executive Producer / Founder)

Jeremy Coon produced and edited Napoleon Dynamite (Sundance Film Festival, 2004) which has become one of the most profitable and culturally impactful indie films in history. Jeremy also produced, edited and directed A Disturbance in the Force, which premiered at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival; produced and edited The Sasquatch Gang; and co-directed and produced the… more »

Michael T. Vollmann (Senior Editor)

Michael T. Vollmann is best known for co-editing (with editor Jeff Gilbert) the 2020 Sundance Grand Prize winning documentary, Boys State. His most recent work is as the lead editor and co-writer of the four part Netflix series The Romantics, the story of Yash Chopra and two generations of Bollywood filmmaking royalty, featuring 35 leading… more »

Matt Prekop (Senior Editor)

Matt recently completed works as a lead editor are on the Netflix productions of Meltdown: Three Mile Island, and Murder Among the Mormons. He also worked as a supporting editor on Ethan Hawke’s acclaimed docs-series The Last Movie Stars. Previously to that, he was a lead editor on the 8-part Netflix series The Disappearance of… more »

Denise McKee

Denise McKee (Operations)

Denise is a founding member of September Club, heading up Operations and overseeing its development initiatives. She has acted as a post-production supervisor for September Club on numerous editorial projects for clients such as Netflix, HBO and BBC Films. She has also produced documentary projects for marketing clients, such as the CLIO award winning documentary… more »

Casey Suchan

Casey Suchan (Director and Creative Director)

Casey Suchan began her career producing documentaries on the history of Hip Hop for Quincy D. Jones’ III’s QD3 Entertainment, including the seminal documentary on the history of break dancing, The Freshest Kids (2002); the platinum selling Tupac Shakur documentary, Thug Angel (2002); and the critically acclaimed Beef (2003) and Beef II (2004), exploring the evolution… more »

Dan Didier

Dan Didier (Production Supervisor)

If you’ve ever heard songs by influential indie band The Promise Ring or his current acclaimed band Maritime, you’ve heard Dan’s music — he was a founding member and drummer for both bands. Dan’s primary role at September Club is as the Post Production Supervisor, which means that he oversees all editorial projects for the… more »

Erin Elders

Erin Elders (Editor)

Erin Elders is a director, writer and editor who studied film / video at Columbia College in Chicago, where he helped found the band Maps & Atlases. The band released two EPs, two full length albums, and toured internationally. Editing and directing music videos and web content for M&A brought Elders back to the world… more »

Mike Moss (Editor)

Mike recently completed his work as a lead editor on the feature documentary Make Peace or Die that will be hitting the festival circuit in 2024. He has also worked as a supporting editor on Ethan Hawke’s acclaimed Max docu-series The Last Movie Stars. Prior to this, Mike worked as a supporting editor on the… more »

Manny Marquez

Manny Marquez (Director)

Manny directed the feature documentary, Psychopath and the acclaimed short documentary, Operation Allie, which premiered at the prestigious Big Sky Film Festival and played festivals across America. He has done an extensive amount of branded documentary work for September Club and is also known for his documentary-inspired music video work. Works in progress for Manny… more »