Zedd: True Colors Released


Zedd: True Colors is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Ever since its June premiere, fans have been waiting for the chance to see Zedd‘s documentary True Colors, based on his album of the same name. Directed by Susan Bonds and Alex Lieu (and edited by our own Barry Poltermann), the film follows the professional and personal exploits experienced by Zedd during the creation of the 2015 album.

True Colors was premiered at the Los Angeles film festival in June, where Zedd himself arrived for a Q&A and acoustic performance to follow its screening.

Now, after six months, the film is finally available for fans to view for themselves. By visiting its iTunes page hereTrue Colors can be purchased for $12.99 and downloaded immediately.

“TRUE COLORS is about more than the making of an album and an epic world tour, it’s a story about the unique relationship between a musician and his fans, and the journey of an artist finding his own voice.”