‘Yo-Yo Guy’ Kenny Strasser’s Real Identity Revealed?


It appears that there is suspicion that yo-yo man Kenny Strasser’s real name is Mark Proksch — our own social media assistant. Strasser’s the yo-yo guy that strung along T.V. stations, and has been successfully hiding his true identity since his prank began about a month ago. We officially deny any knowledge of this.

Strasser made several memorable appearances on local TV stations in the last couple of months, in which it quickly became clear he was not a yo-yo champion, as he claimed. He appeared on at least 7 stations so far.

Just last week, video and stories about Kenny’s conquests exploded, appearing on comedy websites, blogs, and news reports all over the nation. You can read more about Kenny’s appearances and the coverage that followed in Mikel Lauber’s Friday blog.