“Whirlybird” opens this weekend in major markets. Some early reviews:

“Whirlybird” proves a memorably evocative time capsule of 1980s and ’90s Los Angeles and the people who made – and captured – the news, as well as a stirring portrait of regret. — Los Angeles Times

Drawing on an amazing video stockpile from the 1980s and ’90s, “Whirlybird” is an editing feat. — New York Times

“Whirlybird” is a complicated, engaging, one-of-a-kind, portrait of a deeply flawed human. — IndieWire
“Whirlybird” does not offer them absolution for anesthetizing television to human tragedy. But the exes are relieved to finally report their own truth. — Variety
Whirlybird is informative and thrilling. It’s also profound and sad. And maybe it’s got threads of inspiration and uplift as well. — The Hollywood Reporter
It’s only once the noise quiets and each gets an equal voice that we can see them clearly, two distinct threads in a compelling portrait of an American family. — The Wrap