Weird Combinations


final_boxHow weird is this: A post about unknown/forgotten gems on dvd that includes ASWANG, JOSEY AND THE PUSSYCATS (starring our friend Rachel Leigh Cook) and AMERICAN MOVIE.

Did you ever see this, John? You gotta show Rachel.


The unnecessary plot takes the East Asian baby sucker, and sticks it into a (then) modern Rosemary’s Baby meets Dracula narrative. This intriguing, but not totally unfamiliar setting is the second step. The third step is hiring passable actors, and with a few exceptions, these players are better than the majority found in low-budget horror.

The trump and final step to make magic without money is loading your feature with unexpected camera work, energetic pacing, and a bit of creative gore. Directors Wrye Martin and Barry Poltermann do everything in their power to make your film look like it cost more than nothing. Aswang is often compared to Evil Dead by its fans because of this energy and flare, and it deserves the praise.