Weird Al Gives CNR Some Love


Weird Al’s new video tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly dropped recently.

We recently had the chance to meet him and give him a copy of “The Life of Reilly”. Looks like he enjoyed it — see this recent interview from Bullz-Eye:

BE: With “CNR,” your tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly, was there no way to work in a reference to “Lidsville”?

Al: Well, that was on my list! There are so many aspects to Charles’s life that are based in fact that it was tough to work in more than a passing reference to his “Match Game” career. (Writer’s note: Giddy up, Gene.) But, you know, I watched his one-man stage show…or, rather, the feature based on his one-stage show…after having written the song, and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “The Life of Reilly,” but I highly recommend it. It’s an amazing story of the man and the things that he went through in his life, for real, which deserve a song on their own.