CSBVdOoWoAANndeYou can now listen to “Cinema Fireside” (featuring Xav Leplae, Gabe Van Handel and Mark Borchardt) over the air. From today’s Journal Sentinel:

With a coveted FCC radio license in their hip pocket, a band of artists, activists and audiophiles operating out of a Riverwest storefront is taking to the airwaves New Year’s Day.

Riverwest Radio is among thousands of tiny, community-based outfits that collectively overcame years of debate in Congress and opposition from the likes of National Public Radio to snag a spot on the over-the-air dial. The station will occupy 104.1 FM, with call letters WXRW-LP.

What is Cinema Fireside?:

Through the compelling conduits of extemporaneous thought and conversation, these good gentlemen explore the vast and intriguing terrain of filmdom from contemporary offerings to historic gold.

Ultimately,“Cinema Fireside” provides for a robust symposium of filmic musings, erudite conjuring and all-around collective soul-searching. One never reaches for the dial – because they can’t. Yet. Tune in, be in, and live grandly and respectably.

Congrats to Mark and Xav.