The Making of ASWANG


(“Making of” Featurette, 2003)

Our friends at Mondo Macabro made this half hour documentary for the DVD release of Aswang.

It seemed like the perfect solution to an unwanted pregnancy. Marry the heir to a wealthy estate, deceive his dying mother, give them the baby when it’s born. Things are never as easy as they seem . . . when your new family has a taste for the blood of the unborn. The Filipino legend of the Aswang is transplanted to the north woods of America in this stylish horror film. “A dedicated, chilling, horror film” – Sundance Film Festival “My kinda flick . . . Three Stars . . . Check it out” – Joe Bob Briggs “Conveys terror through nuance and detail as well as selective splatter moments. If you only see one mutant baby movie this year, we strongly suggest you opt for Aswang” – New York Daily News