The Jeffrey Dammer Files Sells to IFC


We are excited to announce that IFC Midnight is acquiring all North American and U.K. rights to Chris James Thompson‘s documentary “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files”, which retraces the life of the infamous Milwaukee serial killer.

In addition to directing, Thompson produced the documentary and co-wrote the script with Andrew Swant and Joe Riepenhoff, with Michael Vollmann shooting. Barry Poltermann and Chris Smith were exec-producers. Dahmer Files made its world premiere at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival.

Chris re-named the film, which premiere as “Jeff” at SXSW. Why?

At the premiere of my own first feature film ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Files’ (which was originally titled ‘Jeff’) at the SXSW Film Festival in 2012, I was thrilled to see a large line forming in front of the theater. There was a festival volunteer attending the front of the line, keeping the hundreds of people in queue. When the time came, she announced, ‘everyone here for the Jeff Dunham documentary get ready to enter!’ My heart sunk, but I had to laugh when I overheard the third person in line say to his friend, ‘oh shit I thought this was about DJ Jazzy Jeff!’ A few months later IFC acquired the distribution rights and suggested we rename the film; I agreed.

IFC Midnight is a sister label of IFC Films and Sundance Selects, and is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc.

IFC MIdnight is planning an early 2013 theatrical release.