Rolling Stone Names Jawbreaker ‘Dear You’ As #4 Emo Album Of All Time


Interesting. Influential ’90s bay area punk band Jawbreaker is in the news. Rolling Stone named the band’s 1995 album ‘Dear You’ the #4 emo album of all time. Why is that news at September Club? Because a feature documentary about the band — working title ‘Don’t Break Down’ — is being produced by Rocket Fuel Films and September Club, on track for a 2017 premiere.

But what was even more interesting… check out the #3 album on the list — The Promise Ring’sScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.05.01 PM ‘Nothing Feels Good’… featuring September Club’s own master editor, Dan Didier on drums.

Dan is supervising the edit on “Don’t Break Down”, working with Erin Elders (editor).