Matt Yoka Remembers Whirlybird Premiere


Talkhouse just published a great piece written by director Matt Yoka recollecting the premiere of WHIRLYBIRD. For those of us who were there, it brought back a lot of memories. From the article:

It was a new chapter in the ongoing saga of a city built on dreams and nightmares. Another mythical L.A. icon had been lost. It was a personal tragedy to all those involved and a devastating blow to the city. Zoey and Marika had covered so many stories like this over the years, it felt like a dark kismet the way it happened to fall on the same day as the Whirlybird premiere. But even if the only connection between Whirlybird and Kobe Bryant is that they share a bleak anniversary, that association has helped give me a greater perspective about the film and my understanding of Los Angeles.