Five Days From Levon


From Manny Marquez: “This film documents the days leading up to the birth of my second son, Levon. My wife was almost two weeks overdue with the baby. Although anxious in awaiting the birth, I was inspired to watch my wife and oldest son, Gus, just loving each other and enjoying life that week. I built up my camera, and started capturing just one moment per day. I told my wife that I hoped the baby would be born on Friday, that way I’d have enough for a film. Well, Levon didn’t let me down, because on the 5th day he arrived! I consider this a documentary, because the days in the film are the actual days counted down until Levon was born on May 2, 2014 at 11:37am. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy. “

This film is for Leigh, Gus, and Levon. I love you, my dear family…you inspire me daily.
“Shouts Out & Goodnight” by Boxing. Hear it on the album, “Dig the Final Time.”
Special thanks to Josh & Seth Kasselman for the music.
And to Yvette Blanchette and Shannon, our midwives, for safe delivery of the baby!