Zera: Unsolved

Directed by
Rob Schoonover & Manny Marquez

It’s June of 2015 and Kent Schoonover is enjoying his retirement and his new career as a private investigator. He gets a call from Justin Landry saying, “We’re reopening the Zera case. Can you come in and help us with a few things?”

Schoonover’s biggest regret in retiring from the police force was not solving the 1976 murder of teen, John Zera. Jonny disappeared from Franklin High School on February 20th, 1976. He was 14. His nude, badly beaten body was found lying face down in the mud 8 days later. His brutal murder has remained unsolved ever since.

Schoonover gets one last shot at solving the unsolvable cold case, and it would soon be consuming his life. Over the next few months, the team begins to start over from scratch on the whole case. They interview past leads and witnesses, they retest all the evidence using new DNA standards, and they relook at that old list of over one hundred suspects.

The documentary will follow the past and current investigation, and we will get a front row seat to the investigative process.