Why Did You Kill Me?


Directed by
Frederick Munk
Produced by
Julian Cautherley & Lucy Walker
Edited by
Barry Poltermann & Matt Prekop
Additional Editing
Mike Moss
Production Partners

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In May of 2021, the #1 Movie on Netflix was a Must-Watch True-Crime Doc Where the Victim’s Family Tries to Catfish the Killer. The description? A mother pledges to find the people who killed her daughter, and uses MySpace to do so. Why Did You Kill Me? is all about the tireless efforts of Belinda Lane, who stopped at nothing to get justice.

The documentary tells the story of Crystal Theobald and her mother. Crystal was killed by gang members in 2006. After her death, Crystal’s mother used social networking site MySpace to investigate the people she believed were responsible, resulting in reverberations for multiple families.

With 253 million minutes streamed in the first 5 days, it was the #2 most viewed movie that week across all streaming platforms.

Given all the tangents, director Frederick Munk wrangles this unwieldy story into a cogent and dramatically absorbing narrative.

Barbara Shulgasser
Common Sense Media

A layered look at justice from the viewpoint of a survivor nursing deep and painful regret.

Randy Myers
San Jose Mercury News

A well-constructed and insightful doc that’ll surely scratch the itches of true-crime aficionados.

John Serba