The Last Blockbuster


Directed by
Taylor Morden
Edited by
Tim Skousen
Story Supervision
Barry Poltermann
Production Companies
Popmotion Pictures & September Club

Film Threat AWARD THIS
Best Pop Culture Documentary


There weren’t cameras around to document the closing of the last buggy-whip store, but that’s the sensation one gets watching The Last Blockbuster.

This new documentary is about more than just nostalgia, however, coming as movie theaters — closed by the pandemic — face their own existential threat and wrenching changes, in ways that seemingly echo the demise of the video-rental chain. In that sense, the film proves timely in its warning about how a brave new digital world can claim casualties in terms of existing businesses and social interaction.

Filmmakers Taylor Morden and Zeke Kamm tell the story somewhat whimsically, in part through the last remaining Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon, whose manager, Sandi Harding, has fought to stay afloat while larger trends and economic forces consume those around it. The store’s emergence as a media novelty and even tourist attraction is the micro half of this larger, macro story.

Bryan LowryCNN

More entertaining than educational, but just informative enough to do the trick…

Peter Debruge

A massive feel good flick, and a truly happy surprise.

Bill Arceneaux

One of the best nostalgia documentaries to come out in years.

Alan Ng
Film Threat