Star Trek: The Motion Picture (test film for Miriam)


Directed by
Robert Wise
Produced by
Gene Roddenberry
Edited by
Todd Ramsay
Executive Production
Alan Smitty
Story Supervision
Susan Sackett
Jerry Goldsmith
Craft Services
Del Taco
Production Partners

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Palm Springs International Film Festival
Best Star Trek Movie
Cannes International Film Festival
Astra d'Or

In 2271, a Starfleet monitoring station, Epsilon Nine, detects an alien force, hidden in a massive cloud of energy, moving through space toward Earth. The cloud easily destroys three of the Klingon Empire’s new K’t’inga-class warships and the monitoring station en route. On Earth, the starship Enterprise is undergoing a major refit; its former commanding officer, James T. Kirk, has been promoted to Admiral and works in San Francisco as Chief of Starfleet Operations. Starfleet dispatches Enterprise to investigate the cloud entity as the ship is the only one in intercept range, requiring its new systems to be tested in transit.

… on its own terms it’s a very well-made piece of work, with an interesting premise. The alien spaceship turns out to come from a mechanical or computer civilization, one produced by artificial intelligence and yet poignantly “human” in the sense that it has come all this way to seek out the secrets of its own origins, as we might.

Roger Ebert
Chicago Tribune

…best of the “Those Old Scientists” films. I said. what I said.