Spirit Land: The Life and Times of Ed Gein

Directed by
Frank Anderson & Barry Poltermann
Produced by
Frank Anderson & Barry Poltermann

When the crime scene was discovered inside Ed Gein’s secluded, rundown Wisconsin farmhouse of horrors, the veil was forever lifted on the human psyche and we were forced to accept that evil lives inside us all. But who was the Mad Butcher of Plainfield, and what drove him to find comfort in the flesh of others?

This multi-part documentary series is a historical, true-crime documentary thriller that tells a story of an America in transformation through the story of Ed Gein, perhaps the most notorious serial killer in history.

From his childhood through the disappearance of a store clerk, Bernice Worden, in Plainfield on November 16, 1957, through Gein’s death in a mental hospital in 1984, we trace the story of a changing America, and explore issues of immigration, religion, mental health, popular culture, the media and the death penalty.

What we discover is that things are not so different today than they were that day in 1957, when the police made their first of many horrific discoveries — Worden’s corpse, decapitated, her headless body hung upside down by means of ropes at her wrists and a crossbar at her ankles.

And the unfathomable moment was merely a taste of the horrors to be revealed within hours.

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