Fast Company (Church’s Chicken)


Directed by
Jack Davidson
Edited by
Michael Vollmann
Story Supervision
Barry Poltermann
A September Club Production

(Documentary Short Series, Native Advertising)

WFD is a sporting event that challenges speed drummers and employs an instrument called the Drumometer that counts drum strokes. The Drumometer is accepted by both the Guinness World Records organization and the WFD Extreme Sport Drumming competition as the official device used to determine the World’s Fastest Drummer.

The primary goal of the competition is to determine who can play the most single strokes in sixty seconds. There are a variety of categories and World Records involved in WFD. After experimenting with various WFD competition formats in the United States, the event achieved international prominence as contestants began traveling from around the globe to compete at WFD World Finals.

We were hired to create this piece by Church’s Chicken, who is an official sponsor of the competition as well as this short film that tracks the lives of select WFD competitors from across the globe and their journey to the championships.