Directed by
Peter Spirer
Produced by
Casey Suchan, Denis Henry Hennelly
Executive Production
Quincy Jones III (QD3)
Ving Rhames

Beef takes a chronological look at battles (some friendly, but many personal) dating back to rap music’s infancy in the early 1980s. The notable rivalries discussed include KRS-One vs. MC Shan, Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee, 50 Cent vs. Murder Inc Records, Tru Life vs. Mobb Deep, Common vs. Ice Cube & Westside Connection, the break-up of legendary group N.W.A, which includes Ice Cube’s abrupt departure, and the later animosity between Dr. Dre and Eazy-E, the highly publicized Jay-Z vs. Nas rivalry and the most infamous feud of all, 2Pac vs. The Notorious B.I.G.

Complex rated it number 10 in its 25 best hiphop documentaries, calling it a “classic hip hop doc”.

engrossing… a moving lament for the way hip-hop once was”.

Los Angeles Times