American Mindf*ck

A character-lead documentary that follows The Thinkin Project – a groundbreaking group of international techies, data scientists, cult experts, hackers, activists, independent investigative journalists and survivors as they expose and contend with QAnon.

In late December 2020, The Thinkin Project was launched in an effort to provide a venue for people tracking the increasing threat of QAnon.

Here, volunteers could come together to combat the cult of Q, compile and vet their research, expose the actors responsible for its creation and fomentation, and begin to devise a strategy to rescue the thirty three million Americans who they believe are weaponized victims of a cult.

But what began as a quest to unmask Q would soon cascade into an even bigger story as their combined research started to reveal that the origins of QAnon are far more sinister and complicated.

The stakes could not be higher: to save America and Democracy from a Disinformation Campaign on the frontlines of a new war. A war playing out in the digital space and spilling into our streets and homes. A war that is meant to undermine America and its dominance as a world power and fracture the country’s democratic institutions. A war that is being waged by domestic fundamentalists, ideologues, infiltrators and cultists as well as foreign actors.

And it’s happening in plain sight. Right now.