A Disturbance in the Force


Directed by
Jeremy Coon & Steve Kozak
Produced by
Kyle Newman & Adam F. Goldberg
Edited by
Jeremy Coon
A September Club Production

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In 1977, “Star Wars” became a cultural phenomenon that single-handedly revitalized a stagnant film industry, and forever changed how films were sold, made, and marketed. Movies would never be the same again. A year later, neither would television. In 1978, CBS aired the two-hour “Star Wars Holiday Special” during the week of Thanksgiving and was watched by 13 million people. It never re-aired. While some fans of the franchise are aware of this dark secret, this bizarre two hours of television still remains relatively unknown among the general public.

On Rotten Tomatoes, 100% of 27 critics’ reviews were positive, with an average rating of 7.2/10. It was the #6 highest ranked documentary of 2023 and one of thirteen films overall to receive a perfect score that year.

A Disturbance in the Force feels totally miraculous.

Jason Adams

What “Disturbance” arguably does best… [is] the way it maps a transitional moment between old showbiz razzle-dazzle and New Hollywood blockbuster entertainment.

David Fear
Rolling Stone

A Disturbance In The Force is a comprehensive and hilarious document that’s a must see for all Star Wars fans.

Dan Tabor

Maybe it really wasn’t all that terrible. Or maybe it was. Either way, the tone is more affectionate than disparaging in Jeremy Coons and Steve Kozak’s documentary.

Joe Leydon

A rare gem that sincerely believes there’s something to be mined from failure, including joy.

Andrea Thompson
Wealth of Geeks