Zedd: True Colors


Directed by
Susan Bonds & Alex Lieu
Edited by
Barry Poltermann
Production Partners
A 42 Entertainment / Zedd Music Production

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A countdown hits zero and EDM fans hit the ground running, scouring the city for clues to be the first to get exclusive tickets. Their destination? They have no idea.

Embark on a journey with multi-platinum, Grammy winning, electronic dance music artist ZEDD. From his classically trained roots, through his brief career in a metal band, to stepping on the stage of the biggest music festivals in the world, ZEDD has shot up the charts to mega-pop stardom. Ride along with some of ZEDD’s most passionate fans as he explores new territory with his latest album, “True Colors,” and get to meet him as they did – up-close, personal and performing like you’ve never seen him before.