Collapse Polarizes the Critics


Tonight was the NY Premiere of COLLAPSE, the latest documentary Barry edited for Chris Smith. From Barry:

“When I saw the first raw footage that Chris was shooting in Los Angeles I knew it would be a polarizing film. If we did our jobs well the reception would be wildly unpredictable, from both the left and the right. And the reviews would be either great or awful or, more likely, both.

Well, it seems we got our wish.

A’s and four or five star reviews on the one hand… and terrible lambastings on the other. The weirdest one is the NYTimes, which seems to dislike the film, but then has it as a “Critic’s Pick”. Hmmmm.

Check out the polarized reaction on this awesome site Chris just sent me a link to: MovieReviewIntelligence. Eat your heart out, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Yikes. Looks like we won’t be winning the NY Film Critics Award this year.”

I guess “Collapse” is destined to be one of those “you decide for yourself” type of films… which, after all, is exactly what we hoped it would be.