Animals Trailer Launches

The trailer for ANIMALS dropped today, and The Dissolve says: The first trailer for Animals makes it pretty clear why the film struck such a chord with the SXSW audience. It’s not over-the-top, melodramatic, or cheap, and despite a short runtime—less than two minutes—it delivers the maximum of emotion and story. It’s […]

RAIDERS! Premieres At SXSW

Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen’s documentary “Raiders!: The Story of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made” premiered this week at SXSW. We edited “Raiders!” here at September Club… with our own Barry Poltermann taking the lead. IndieWire: Raiders! is an exhilarating documentary for anybody who has dreamed big. SlashFilm:  It’s […]

CNN Acquires The 414s

CNN has acquired “The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers” out of Sundance. The short documentary was directed by Michael Vollmann (our Senior Editor) and produced by Chris James Thompson (“The Jeffrey Dammer Files”, “MECCA: The Floor”)… one of our most prolific directors. From Filmmaker Magazine. The documentary will lead off […]

Hacker Documentary The 414s Premieres At Sundance

September Club director Chris James Thompson and Head Editor Michael T. Vollmann‘s newest short documentary, “The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers”, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week. The film, directed by Vollmann and produced by Thompson, examines the first widely recognized computer hackers, a group of Milwaukee teenagers who broke […]

Mondo Lucha!

(Documentary Short, 2014) MONDO LUCHA! is a colorful rogue’s gallery of High Flyin’ Lucha Libre wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts, an array of sideshow performers and Milwaukee musical guests that have included Maritime, The Uptown Savages, Kid Millions, Clownvis Presley and The Scarring Party. The brainchild of Andy Gorzalski and his […]

ESPN 30 For 30 Shorts Wins Emmy Award

We are excited to see that ESPN’s 30 For 30 Shorts won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Non-Fiction Program. We contributed to the series with Chris James Thompson and Michael Vollmann‘s “MECCA: The Floor” 30 for 30 Shorts was nominated alongside other popular programs “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” “COSMOS: A […]

Happy 35th Birthday, Manny

Happy birthday to the amazing Manny Marquez. From all of us at September Club. Courtesy of Michael Vollmann.

September Club’s New ESPN 30 for 30 Short

In the newest ESPN 30 for 30 short “MECCA: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous” filmmaker Chris James Thompson has captured a unique, however unlikely, piece of Milwaukee sports and art history lore.  The Mecca Arena, as it was once called, (now the U.S. Cellular Arena) was home to the Milwaukee Bucks (1970 – 88) […]

Five Days From Levon

From Manny Marquez: “This film documents the days leading up to the birth of my second son, Levon. My wife was almost two weeks overdue with the baby. Although anxious in awaiting the birth, I was inspired to watch my wife and oldest son, Gus, just loving each other and […]

The Pinery Boy

(Music Video, THE EMPERORS OF WYOMING, 2014) Emperors Of Wyoming boasts a seamless melding of American roots music country-and-western, bluegrass and folk bridging new and old.  Cutting edge technology is used to record mainly venerable acoustic instruments. The mix of rootsy styles is spiced with subtle hints of spaghetti western,  surf-music, […]

Michael Ruppert, 1951-2014

We are sad to hear that our friend Michael Ruppert had died. He was 63. Michael was the subject of the documentary, COLLAPSE, which we edited in 2009. This is Michael’s last broadcast of the Lifeboat Hour on PRN 13 April 2014.

Animals Wins SXSW Special Jury Prize

David Dastmalchian won a well deserved Special Jury Prize for his performance in “Animals” . David wrote and stars in the film Animals. According to Variety: The jury awarded him for his physically demanding portrayal of a homeless addict. “I hope that anyone who sees this movie remembers, you never give up on […]

The Dissolve Profiles “American Movie”

We are very flattered and excited to see that the “The Dissolve” is profiling “American Movie” as their featured movie of the week. If you aren’t familiar with “The Dissolve”, it’s the best film writing out there right now — made up primarily of former film critics from the Onion’s AVClub and […]

ASWANG Blog Roundup

 From Soresport Movies… “When a trespasser on the land needs to be dealt with so we see how the Aswang can create a mucus sack around the victim and save the person for consumption later. This of course is never really explained in the legend. Do these creature eat live […]

Before You

(Short Documentary, 2013) A spirit of Malickian wonder permeates this poignant and lyrical tribute to the stories that parents pass onto their children. This is a very personal, poetic documentary. Directed and edited by Michael Vollmann. Before You from Michael T. Vollmann on Vimeo.

Vollmann Awarded MIFF Filmmaker-In-Residence

Michael T. Vollman’s Before You won the Cream City Cinema Filmmaker-in-Residence prize. Before You is a beautifully shot, lyrically composed lullaby of sorts which illustrates how the arrival of the filmmaker’s infant daughter was a total game changer. Michael says: “When I begin any edit, I have two main goals – to make […]

Kumar Pallana Dies at 94

Sad to hear that Kumar passed away. We’ll never forget the fun time we had with him last year when he was in town working on Frankie Latina‘s new movie, SNAP SHOT. From The New York Times: Kumar Pallana, an Indian plate spinner turned Texas yoga instructor turned — in his late […]

PSYCHOPATH Finishing Touches

Manny Marquez is down in Oklahoma shooting what we hope will be the final round of pickups and interviews for his documentary epic, PSYCHOPATH. The rest of the film is based upon footage shot back in 2005 and 2010. Lots has happened during these nearly ten years, and the edit is coming together […]

“American Movie” Kicks off NEXT Festival

Everyone had a great time at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where the Sundance Institute just kicked off it’s new LA based film festival, NEXT WEEKEND — with “American Movie.” Press materials said it is “a film that exemplifies what NEXT Weekend is all about: an undying passion to make films against all odds and […]

Blokes You Can Trust

The trailer for the new Cosmic Psychos documentary BLOKES YOU CAN TRUST just launched. We were happy to see that our ancient music video for DEAD ROO is featured in the film (and trailer). Some say that Kurt Cobain’s favorite band was the Cosmic Psychos (he was often spotted wearing […]

Frankie Latina Closes Kickstarter Funding

Congratulations to Frankie Latina for raising over $76,000 on Kickstarter to make his new film, Snap Shot. The project stars Danny Trejo, and was written by Trejo’s son, Gilbert. We helped him edit his promo trailer. (In a pretty awesome Kickstarter prize for that film, you could pledge $5000 to be murdered onscreen by […]

To See What You Can Do

(Documentary Short, 2013) Nicole is racing in the infamous Riverwest 24 bike race, an epic endurance test that runs on the edgier side of urban sports. Will she make it to the end? Or will she at least beat years disappointing performance? Spend the night with Nicole riding through Milwaukee’s […]

I’m Not Waiting Any More

(Music Video, FIELD REPORT, 2014) When he’s not directing documentaries, Manny Marquez moonlights as a music video director. We edited this piece for “The Field Report”. Director: Manny Marquez Producer: Patrick Buckley Cinematography: Joseph Picciolo Editor: Michael Vollmann Production Company: Purple Onion  For other music videos and odds and ends, explore the Attic.

RIP Marques Bovre

Sad news from our friend Frank Anderson… songwriter/musician, Marques Bovre, passed away after a two year battle with brain cancer. From Frank’s Wisconsinology blog: Marques lead the great Madison-based band Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. Although the band’s popularity peaked in the early 90’s, they continued off and on to […]

“The Aswang Phenomenon”

We suspect that, without “Google Alerts”, this one would have passed us by: Canadian filmmaker Jordan Clark first encountered the aswang in Wrye Martin and Barry Poltermann‘s 1994 film “Aswang.” Six years after seeing the film, Clark visited the Philippines, where he observed how Filipinos were both religious and superstitious. Wanting to […]

100 Things You Should Know About Cinema

Frank Anderson just posted this piece for his film students: 100 Things You Should Know Before You Graduate, Part I”. “I put this together for my students. Thanks to Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Bowers, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, George Melies, Abel Gance, The Lumiere Brothers,Thomas Edison and […]

The Avalanche Girl

(Music Video, THE EMPERORS OF WYOMING, 2012) Folk Rock group The Emperors of Wyoming perform Avalanche Girl from their debut album on the Proper UK label. Featuring Butch Vig, Frank Anderson, Peter Anderson and Phil Davis. Directed and Animated by Frank Anderson For other music videos and odds and ends, explore the […]

Kumar Stops By

Kumar Pallana visited our offices today and treated us all to some old fashioned Mickey Mouse Club plate spinning and magic tricks! He is in town shooting scenes for Frankie Latina’s next Milwaukee opus, SNAP SHOT. UPDATE: While Kumar was here, Frankie directed this piece for the DearMKE series.  

The Jeffrey Dammer Files Sells to IFC

We are excited to announce that IFC Midnight is acquiring all North American and U.K. rights to Chris James Thompson‘s documentary “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files”, which retraces the life of the infamous Milwaukee serial killer. In addition to directing, Thompson produced the documentary and co-wrote the script with Andrew Swant and […]

Chris James Thompson’s New Film Premiering At SXSW

 Jeff, a truly unique take on Jeffrey Dahmer, will be making its premiere at the prestigious and fun SXSW Film Festival this March in Austin, Texas.  If you’re down there, come out and see director Chris James Thompson’s fearless Dahmer film.  

“Life of Reilly” Finally Available on Netflix

We thought this day would never come… “The Life of Reilly”, Directed by our own Barry Poltermann and Frank Anderson featuring Charles Nelson Reilly.  (Yeah, that Charles Nelson Reilly) is finally available streaming on Netflix.   The film is being distributed by FilmBuff and is now also available on numerous streaming sites, such as iTunes, et. al. The […]


(Music Video, MARITIME, 2011) We braved the worst snow storm in recorded history to film this music video for our fearless leader of post-production Dan Didier’s band, Maritime. The result — the  official music video for “Paraphernalia” from Maritime’s fourth album “Human Hearts.” A September Club Project Directed & Edited […]

Shooting a New Maritime Video

Director Barry Poltermann somehow convinced us to film Maritime’s new music video during the largest snowstorm in years. UPDATE: You can see the finished video here.

Hard Copy: ‘Didier’s World’

Happy Holidays, from our friends at Bluemark Productions. Hard Copy: ‘Didier’s World’ featuring Didier Leplae and Mark Belling. “Blood was going to pour in the streets of Glendale.”

Mark P. Lands a Role on “The Office”

HAHAH!!! Our own Mark Proksch just got a part on NBC’s The Office. Last May Mark – posing as an eco-loving yo-yo master – EASILY got onto morning TV news broadcasts around Wisconsin (and beyond), making a minor mockery of mid-market news mongers. Remember Kenny Strasser? In the hugely massively successful show’s Oct. 14 episode, […]

Tina Fey’s First Commercial

A couple of years ago we posted a spot on our vimeo page from the DEEEP archives. It was a spot we did (through Purple Onion) for Mutual Savings Bank in 1995 with Tina Fey. It was apparently her ONLY spot before joining SNL. She sees it for the first time […]

A Marriage Proposal, September Club Style

Last weekend Manny Marquez proposed to his long time girlfriend Leigh Wilson by making a short documentary called HWY 9: A Story About Love. He then convinced his local theater in Hood River, OR to show it right before a screening on The A-Team. This is the story behind it, as told by […]

‘Yo-Yo Guy’ Kenny Strasser’s Real Identity Revealed?

It appears that there is suspicion that yo-yo man Kenny Strasser’s real name is Mark Proksch — our own social media assistant.  Strasser’s the yo-yo guy that strung along T.V. stations, and has been successfully hiding his true identity since his prank began about a month ago. We officially deny any […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

(Music Video, ANAIS CROSE, 2010) From Manny Marquez… a cover of The Buggles song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by French songstress, Anaïs Croze. Anaïs Croze is also a member of the excellent band Nouvelle Vague. Shot in Echo Park, CA on my Arri BL 16mm camera, and an Angenieux 12-120 […]


(Music Performance, LITTLE JOY, 2010) Commissioned by Rough Trade Records to make something relaxed and intimate, Manny Marquez shot and edited this video for Little Joy in an old cabin in Echo Park, CA. It was set back in the woods between Sunset Blvd. and the 5 Freeway, along with a […]