‘Napoleon Dynamite’ flash mob at Sundance

The Deseret News reports that:

On Monday, a flash mob of dancers dressed as Napoleon Dynamite took over Main Street in Park City. In a video posted on Sundance Film Festival’s official X account, they wore shirts that read “Re-elect Pedro 2024” and busted out the hilarious moves from the famous dance scene in the 2004 film.

The flash mob’s performance came in preparation of the 20th anniversary of “Napoleon Dynamite” at Sundance.

20 years and the dance moves are still fresh 🕺

A flash mob of Napoleon Dynamites break out in dance on Main Street to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the #Sundance classic, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, playing in our 40th Edition Celebration Screenings Section. pic.twitter.com/QqzxHkFKjK

— Sundance Film Festival (@sundancefest) January 23, 2024


20th anniversary of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

“Napoleon Dynamite” hits its 20th anniversary this year. The film first premiered at the Sundance Film festival on Jan. 17, 2004, before its official release in June of that same year. Since then, it has grossed more than $46 million and become a cult classic, as reported by the Deseret News.

ASWANG remembered

Thirty years ago this coming January, at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival, ASWANG premiered in the midnight film category of the Sundance Film Festival. This week, the Sundance Institute celebrated Halloween by publishing Sundance After Dark: 8 Fang-tastic Films About Vampires to Watch this Halloween

They describe ASWANG as:

Vampiric beings with a gruesome appetite for the unborn, known as the “aswang,” are the center of this gripping film. Rooted in the chilling Filipino folklore of shapeshifting, the drama follows Katrina, a young pregnant woman who gets entangled in a sketchy deal she’s made involving her unborn child and a wealthy family. But after arriving at their eerie Midwestern estate, she realizes they seek something much more horrific than she could have imagined.