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(Feature Documentary, Work in Progress) [Working on it!] For now — The story of the iconic surrealist comedian Gallagher. An intense journey through the American dream, replete with fame, hubris, and regret.  

American Music

(Feature Music Documentary, Work in Progress) The textbook American cult band of the 1980s, the Violent Femmes captured the essence of teen angst with remarkable precision; raw and jittery, the trio’s music found little commercial success but nonetheless emerged as the soundtrack for the lives of troubled adolescents the world over. The […]

Spike Mike Slackers & Dykes

(Documentary. Potential Feature or Short Doc-Series) 1985. “It’s Morning In America!” and Ronald Reagan is sworn in for a second term. Mikhail Gorbechev becomes leader of the Soviet Union and has yet to take down that wall. “We Are The World” is recorded in response to an epic famine in […]

Spirit Land: The Life and Times of Ed Gein

(Historical Documentary Series) When the crime scene was discovered inside Ed Gein’s secluded, rundown Wisconsin farmhouse of horrors, the veil was forever lifted on the human psyche and we were forced to accept that evil lives inside us all. But who was the Mad Butcher of Plainfield, and what drove him […]

Double Exposure

(Feature Documentary, Work in Progress) “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” — The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance THE STORY The photograph is of a young Marine, shot through the chest, laid unconscious across a board and being evacuated atop a tank. It […]

Star Wars Holiday Special

(Feature Documentary, Work in Progress) In 1977, STAR WARS became a cultural phenomenon that redefined how studios selected and marketed big-budget spectacles.  Movies would never be the same again. A year later, turns out neither would television. The STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL aired on November 17th, 1978 and was watched […]

The New Extinction

(Feature Documentary, Work in Progress) In the deserts of the American west paleontologists compete against time, erosion, and lack of funding in search of new dinosaur specimens, but they’re not alone in this race against time. Commercial collectors armed with more funds dig at an accelerated speed to uncover fossils, […]

The Tape

(Teaser for Work In Progress Feature Film) Troy Haupt is a 47-year old nurse anesthetist in the Outer Banks and he has a secret to share: He owns the only known recording of the Super Bowl I broadcast from 1967 where the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. […]