(Branded Web Series, 2011)

In the documentary series “The World Covered” we followed the Ivy Funds team from their home offices in Kansas City to points throughout the world.

In this pilot episode, meet CEO Hank Herrmann, a boss who doesn’t mince words. “People have entrusted us to look over their money,” he says. “We have a responsibility to execute.”

Ivy Funds was named Barron’s “Best Mutual Fund Family” for the past five years. To bring Ivy Fund’s powerful story to life we followed portfolio managers and analysts across several continents to see first hand the firm’s unique process in the Ivy Fund team’s own words.

The World Covered was fully integrated into a campaign developed by our agency partners, which spanned print, broadcast, digital and social, including print advertising that featured QR codes directing readers to a microsite where they can view the documentaries.

We even edited television commercials from the footage, which were broadcast on targeted financial channels, such as CNBC.

AGENCIES: 50,000feet / Swandog Marketing