To See What You Can Do


(Documentary Short, 2013)

Nicole is racing in the infamous Riverwest 24 bike race, an epic endurance test that runs on the edgier side of urban sports. Will she make it to the end? Or will she at least beat years disappointing performance? Spend the night with Nicole riding through Milwaukee’s Riverwest area.

Dear MKE is a video series produced for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to boost the city’s image, dispel old perceptions and draw talent, businesses and visitors. The Riverwest 24 is the third film in the series.

The Riverwest 24 is like no other cycling event on earth. First, it’s an annual bike race that goes 24 hours straight. Second, there are various bonus events that racers can take on to earn bonus laps, including hopping on a slip n slide or getting a tattoo. And lastly, the whole event features a fun, supportive, festival-like environment, ending with a well-deserved celebration for all involved.

Director: Jack Davidson

Editor: Michael Vollmann

Executive Producer: Ryan Dembroski