Little Fish “Darling Dear” Music Video


Videostatic just raved about the latest music video from Manny Marquez, one of our favorite SeptemberClub documentarians who moonlights as a music video director:

“Director Manny Marquez captures the propulsive qualities of the track with this b&w ode mash-up of French New Wave and A Hard Days Night, letting Little Fish singer Juju break the fourth wall and kick some bloody ass all over town.”

The band is Little Fish. The song is “Darling Dear”.


Manny claims that his inspiration was this piece that we did back in the early ‘aughts’ (Director Wrye Martin, Camera Mike Welckle, Editor Barry Poltermann).

From Manny:

“Music video for Oxford based Little Fish. The video was shot on a Canon 5D as a series of one shot takes. The takes were then cut together in order to utilize the forward motion of the one shot, but take advantage of the displacement of being in a slightly different spot in each take at that point of the song we cut to. Shot in London, England UK”

Directed by Manny Marquez
DP’s: Paul Street & Lester Dunton
Produced by: Streetlight Films (
Label: Custard / Universal Motown

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