Ivy Funds Featured In The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article about fund companies using online video to market their products and brands.

Some of our work for Ivy Funds was cited as an example of this burgeoning trend.

The video series, called THE WORLD COVERED, was produced for creative agency 50,000 Feet.

Here’s an excerpt:

A serious video with a provocative title has helped Ivy Funds raise its profile among advisers and investors since the video was posted online last year, says Roger Hoadley, a company spokesman.

Called “The Piranha Tank,” it depicts the rigorous give and take at a morning meeting of the firm’s fund managers, economists and analysts. The session is chaired by Henry Herrmann, chief executive officer of Ivy Investment Management Co., who brings a no-nonsense, urgent tone to the discussion. “Are you afraid of Hank Herrmann?” the narrator asks one analyst. “Yes. I think everybody is,” the analyst replies.