Investor Day


(Trailer for Branded Short Series, 2014)

This trailer for “World Beyond Cash” features government officials, business people and typical customers who are migrating to a cashless system through prepaid products.

POWER OF PREPAID is a MasterCard initiative created to stimulate collaboration and innovation in the prepaid industry. From Mexico City to Dubai, MasterCard is delivering innovative prepaid payment solutions that are evolving the ways organizations disburse social benefits and payroll.

The subject is a complicated one, and video storytelling brings it to life with the faces and voices of customers in this 2011 documentary project we produced for the creative agency 50,000feet.

World Beyond Cash features government officials, business people and typical customers and their experiences. The project illustrates both the success stories and challenges of migrating to a cashless system through prepaid products and raise awareness for the many opportunities for prepaid in these markets.

Our filmmakers travel the globe with MasterCard Worldwide to document how their prepaid products are helping governments reach unbanked and underserved consumers and move them toward cashless transactions that are convenient, flexible and secure.

We visit Mastercard customers in Dubai, Mexico City, Bratislava and the United States, hearing first hand how Mastercard Prepaid solutions are making a difference. We see how various prepaid solutions, including government issued prepaid card products, can empower consumers.

The series consisted of two videos, primarily utilized as investor relation’s communications. One video was a worldwide overview, and the second video focused on the products impact in the United States, going deeper into the story how the US government is adopting a cashless system to distribute social benefits.

AGENCY: 50,000feet