Test Pilot School

TEST PILOT SCHOOL is a multi-episode documentary series that takes a deep dive into one year in the lives of two dozen of the most competitive and talented young pilots in America. With high-octane thrills, dramatic personal stories and a dry “Chuck Yeager” sense of humor, we will witness their challenges, sacrifices and triumphs first-hand as they strive to be the best.

Every year, 400 of the nation’s top pilots and engineers compete to be invited to the US Air Force’s most elite academy: The TEST PILOT SCHOOL at renowned Edwards Air Force Base on the edge of the Mojave Desert.  It is arguably the most prestigious and advanced flight training program in the world.

And only 25 of them will make the cut.

TEST PILOT SCHOOL follows a class – from the selection process through graduation – as they navigate the intense demands of the program while attempting to preserve their sanity, their sense of humor, and their personal relationships.