(Series Overview) We edited this overview video, created for the 2018 WeWork Creative Awards. Client: Epic Digital

Open Source Online Mythology – The Slender Man

Today I read an article about the horrifying Wisconsin attempted homicide case wherein two 12 year old girls lured a friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times.  A passing cyclist intervened, and thankfully the victim lived, even having returned to school this fall.  So why did two little girls try […]

“Psychopath” World Premiere

Manny Marquez’s first documentary feature had it’s world premiere this week at the Milwaukee International Film Festival. “Somewhat reminiscent, in a good way, of the excellent documentary The American Scream, Psychopath is a real gem. Directed by Manny Marquez and executive produced by Jack Turner (We Are What We Are, Cold in July), it […]

Mark’s New Music Video

From the Onion’s AV Club, news that our good friend Mark Borchardt recently brought his gore skills to a new video by Milwaukee band Tapebenders (who were known until recently as Elusive Parallelograms, and whose new album, Chasing Ghosts, is out August 26). In this awfully simple setup, the band members go crazy and murder […]

ESPN 30 For 30 Documentary “MECCA: The Floor” Premieres

September Club-produced short documentary “MECCA: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous“, directed by Chris James Thompson, premiered today on ESPN. The film was edited by Michael Vollmann and co-produced by Jack Turner and our friends at Matador Content. The documentary chronicles the controversial beginnings and hallowed history of the floor […]

“The Emperors of Wyoming” Play Mile of Music

We spent the weekend in Appleton, WI with four of our friends — Phil Davis, Butch Vig, Frank Anderson and Peter Anderson — who were playing together for the first time as “The Emperors of Wyoming.” The occasion was The Mile of Music festival. The four of them live in four different cities, […]

Miranda’s Story

(Documentary Short Series, 2014) Pedigree unveiled its See What Good Food Can Do documentary video series at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. In this third video from the series, Miranda Lambert showcases the impact people can make in dogs’ lives, especially shelter dogs, with some extra attention, good food and […]

A Month of Horror

Another blog (Row 3) stumbles upon ASWANG: Shot like it’s an old 1970s relic, it has a similar feel to many of those slow paced, yet engaging horrors from that time period – until it picks up its pace substantially. A great find.

Horrorphilia Reviews Aswang

One of the best ASWANG reviews ever: POSITIVE: “Worth a watch. Pretty decent.” NEGATIVE: “With the limited amount of characters, you don’t get all that many death scenes.”

The Philadelphia Project

(Branded Documentary Short) InSinkErator and the city of Philadelphia had a remarkable idea – if we put garbage disposals into more homes, will the food waste that now doesn’t go to landfills make an environmental impact?  Will it make a financial one?  It was a bold study, and InSinkErator wanted […]

A Day at the BBC

(Brand Web Series) Meet the Johnson Controls Facilities Management Team that runs the BBC’s Broadcasting Center, Marc, Nisha, and Karina, and see how they spend their days constantly on the move, solving problems, and putting out fires. To mark Vision Week 2013, Johnson Controls wanted to emphasize the impact its […]

Ten Days In December

(Short Brand Documentary, 2012) Sweat it out with core MIAX personnel as they open their brand new options exchange for its first trading day.  Years of work and countless tests have come down to this moment.  Time to sink or swim. In December of 2012, the Miami International Options Exchange, […]

With a Purpose

(Branded Documentary Short) Medtronic needed to show that, from top to bottom, its people are always working to help patients live healthier, fuller lives. We meet Medtronic GI Solutions UK Territory Manager Lin-Lee Aspin and hit the road with her on a multi-city tour as she fights an insidious killer, […]

Dear MKE

(Web Series, 2012) We introduced our DEAR MKE documentary series with this teaser overview. “I’m Gonna Love You Until The Day I Die” by Bennie Cole and his Brother of Soul, released on the local MKE label Raynard in the early ’70s. Produced & Directed by Purple Onion Productions. Editorial by […]

Ivy Funds Featured In The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article about fund companies using online video to market their products and brands. Some of our work for Ivy Funds was cited as an example of this burgeoning trend. The video series, called THE WORLD COVERED, was produced for creative agency 50,000 Feet. Here’s an excerpt: A serious video […]

David Dahlman (Biz Dev)

Dave grew up loving the Harold Lloyd slapstick comedies.  “Daring, ridiculous, and funny… but enough about me,” he jokes.  “Lloyd was very simple, and very inventive, and I think that’s the essence of effective communication and storytelling.” Dave has also directed and shot some of his own documentaries (including “The […]

A Story About Johnny Carson & Charles Nelson Reilly

The new American Masters documentary on Johnny Carson debuted last night and it reminded me of a story that I was told by the late, great Charles Nelson Reilly. It was 2004, and Johnny was still alive. We were filming a documentary on CNR and some of us who were working on […]

Peak’s Picks

(Branded Web Series) Meet Stephen Peak, manager of the European Focus Fund.  He looks for value in European companies where many other investors don’t find it.  Stephen is known as a contrarian, and that’s just fine with him.  It’s what helps make him, as described by Henderson Head of Equities, […]

A Coastal Trip

(Brand Web Series) In Can-Am’s “Spyder 5” video series, a group of five strangers from different walks of life explore North America on their Spyders, taking in the scenic countryside. BRP is the parent company for several iconic outdoor brands, such as Ski-Doo, Evinrude and motorcycle division, Can-Am. Can-Am, working […]


(Branded Web Series, 2011) In the documentary series “The World Covered” we followed the Ivy Funds team from their home offices in Kansas City to points throughout the world. In this pilot episode, meet CEO Hank Herrmann, a boss who doesn’t mince words. “People have entrusted us to look over their money,” […]

Gonzo Ballet Premieres on EPIX

Congrats to Pat Buckley, Bobby Ciraldo and Andrew Swant for the WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE of William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet, an award winning EPIX Pictures original that takes an inside look at the staging of famed choreographer Margo Sappington’s ballet set to the music and spoken word of Shatner’s 2004 album, “Has […]

“The Life of Reilly” Now Available on Netflix

The Late Reilly on Stage in 2004 “The Life of Reilly”, Directed by September Club’s own Barry Poltermann and Frank Anderson featuring Charles Nelson Reilly.  (Yeah, that Charles Nelson Reilly) is finally available streaming on Netflix. The film is “Certified Fresh” and remains among the best reviewed films of 2007, but CNR’s words ring true today more than ever.  Check […]

Aswang Review

Finally, Decapitated Zombie Vampire Bloodbath got around to reviewing AWANG: Things get sinister when they arrive at the mansion, which looks like it was designed by Stanley Kubrick. The only inhabitants are the sickly mother, who keeps sucking on oxygen, a strange Filipino maid named Cupid, and an exotic white […]

Maritime covers Depeche Mode – The AV Club

The AV Club just posted this new video from our friends from the band Maritime (including our own head of post-productin, Dan Didier). As the AV Club says — Maritime was born from the ashes of The Promise Ring in 2003–and has some big news to announce: They just signed […]

The Last Picture Show: The Ghost of Eric Rohmer

When I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma, almost every rural town still had its own cinema. These theaters had seen better days in the 50′s and 60′s, but were barely holding on in the cable TV wasteland that was the 80′s, my time. Usually, it was just one […]

Jack Daniel’s Birthday Shave

This year is Jack Daniel’s 159th birthday. Manny Marquez made this tribute (shot by his girlfriend, the lovely Leigh Wilson).

Trek Bikes DOCUMENT at the Tour de France

We arrived in France over the July 4th weekend to begin shooting the next phase of the “Document” series for Trek Bikes. Pat Buckley is producing the Tour de France section of the series and Manny Marquez is directing. We began in Monacco. Manny hadn’t arrived yet, so Pat directed […]

“William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet”

Pat Buckley recently produced and co-directed “William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet.”  Produced by our friends at Special Entertainment, the film features Shatner, Ben Folds, Henry Rollins and Joe Jackson and is described on the Special Entertainment site as: “… a documentary about legendary Tony Award-winning choreographer Margo Sappington’s quest to create a […]

Hoppy Hopkins

(Brand Web Series, 2008) The “Heroes at Home” series highlighted the work being done on behalf of our veterans and helped share Sears Holdings longstanding commitment to those who serve in the military. Across the globe, on a daily basis, our troops make sacrifices in the line of duty – […]

Weird Combinations

How weird is this: A post about unknown/forgotten gems on dvd that includes ASWANG, JOSEY AND THE PUSSYCATS (starring our friend Rachel Leigh Cook) and AMERICAN MOVIE. Did you ever see this, John? You gotta show Rachel. About ASWANG: The unnecessary plot takes the East Asian baby sucker, and sticks […]

Purple Onion pushes Milwaukee’s film industry forward

Purple Onion is the September Club’s “Mother Ship”. And Andy Gorzalski is flying the flag. Although Milwaukee’s collective film consciousness is arguably somewhat newly developed, Purple Onion’s stake in independent film is anything but. Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, the company began producing commercials in 1987, back when there was […]

Hubbard Street

(Documentary Series Pitch, Un-produced Project, 2005) Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is among the most original forces in contemporary dance. As one of the only professional dance companies to perform year-round, Hubbard Street is continually touring nationwide and internationally. This is a brief glimpse into their life and culture.

Mad Hot Ballroom

(Documentary Feature, 2005) Eleven-year-old New York City public school kids journey into the world of ballroom dancing and reveal pieces of themselves and their world along the way. Told from their candid, sometimes hilarious perspectives, these kids are transformed, from reluctant participants to determined competitors. This engaging film combines the […]

The Real Fargo

(Documentary Short, 1996, Premiere IFC Channel) In 1996 we made our first short documentary, when we were asked by John Pierson to do a piece for the pilot episode of IFC’s SPLIT SCREEN. First broadcast on the fledgling network in 1997, Minnesotan Wrye Martin directs this investigation of Brainerd, Minnesota, home […]