A Coastal Trip


(Brand Web Series)

In Can-Am’s “Spyder 5” video series, a group of five strangers from different walks of life explore North America on their Spyders, taking in the scenic countryside.

BRP is the parent company for several iconic outdoor brands, such as Ski-Doo, Evinrude and motorcycle division, Can-Am. Can-Am, working with their advertising agency CK, wanted to build on their social presence as they were launching a new model of their Spyder line of three-wheel vehicles. They wanted a branding and cultural focus, and to show the world how well-suited the Spyder is for the adventure-seeker’s lifestyle.

The project began with Spyder selecting five riders from around North America to make up The Spyder Five. The five met each other for the first time with our cameras rolling — on a photo shoot and then a picturesque ride along the sunny California coastline. The series continued as we followed each of them individually as they explored North America. They rode, they ate, they met new people and got to know the advantages of the Spyders.

We were able to bring the audience into the world of Spyder by telling The Spyder Five’s stories. Where they’re from, how they live, and why they’ve got so much love for their Spyders. Blog posts accompanied each video release, along with social media support through a Spyder Five Facebook and Twitter presence.

The result is a series that provides credible evidence that the Spyder is a top choice for those living the adventure lifestyle. It’s credible because its coming not from the brand, but from the mouths of the real people who are using the brand’s product.

The web series was also closely integrated by CK within the surrounding television and print advertising.